It's a new year, and plenty of manufacturers are already getting released to capitalize on the multiple concepts of vehicles from the future; chief among these brands is Mercedes Benz, which has created the new Vision EQS. It's an electric vehicle that manages to remain luxurious with its current-gen vehicles while going for a bolder design to stand out among the crowd. Mercedes-Benz of Thousand Oaks is ready to introduce you to this exciting new luxury car.

The Vision EQS makes use of the S-Class influence to combine both the eco-friendly mission of the brand and the overall style that any future-gen vehicle would want. Design-wise, the Vision EQS is much more streamlined in terms of curves and surfaces; it has a continuous light band as well as headlamps with holographic lens models to change the way illumination works.

The interior beautifully complements the exterior, which is what drivers from Agoura Hills to Westlake Village love. With the seats having a more substantial set of quality that provides Simi Valley commuters both comfort and function in a new matter. Even the dashboard has quite the remarkable appearance that helps it pop thanks to its features and the materials it's made of, which include a native maple trim and DINAMICA microfiber. Speaking of reusing materials, the roof liner appeals to the Malibu crowd and is made of ocean plastic, further solidifying the use of recycling items for a greener future.

As for the performance, it has the refined power Moorpark drivers crave. It produces 569 horsepower as well as going from zero-to-60 miles per hour with a battery that will take up to 20 minutes to recharge up to 80%. This is proof the vehicle is made to both be an electric offering and aim for a much brighter future that cars, in general, are striving for. It's especially a mission that every company should live up to overtime.

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