AMG® Thousand Oaks Featured In San Fernando Valley Business Journal

August 21st, 2018 by


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The launch of a new dealership or showroom is a long-term project that must balance market needs and business opportunity. AMG® Thousand Oaks was born out of this sweet spot of a large, unmet demand in the local market and the overall business opportunity of ascendant brand and product performance.

After stabilizing all of the moving parts with actually getting a facility built and opening the doors to the public, the so-called “real work” begins. A big part of that is getting and keeping the interest of the public in the local market and beyond, and ultimately getting them excited to come into the store to experience all that a new, high-performance store has to offer.


“The business decision was that it was the products that our clients want, in an environment that is conducive to allowing them to select the correct vehicle, to allow them to view multiple vehicles, and in a way that was not there before.”

– Scott Stanley

General Manager


We are thrilled that the local business bible, San Fernando Valley Business Journal, took notice of our efforts to advance the AMG® mission in the United States. We invite you to check out the August 20, 2018 Edition of San Fernando Valley Business Journal and read about the crown jewel of the AMG® brand in the US.


Of course, the “hard work” has indeed begun. We are busy preparing for the Fall 2018 launch of some new AMG® models including the all-new Mercedes-AMG® G 63, CLS 53, and the world-beating GT 63 4MATIC®+ 4-door Coupe. Perhaps most importantly, we are busy making sure that our clients and customers can find the AMG® car they want right here in Thousand Oaks because we know how fortunate we all are to call this place home.

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